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Who is This Guy?

Bobby Donnelly is a singer/songwriter and guitarist currently based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Originally a classically trained violinist, Bobby began his journey into songwriting and teaching himself the guitar at age twelve, and today finds himself a prominent up-and-coming figure in the Indianapolis music community. Bobby’s music is first and foremost driven by his guitar playing; a combination of blues-forward solos, classic-rock-style choruses, and a subtle taste for both funk and soul.


The electric guitar finds itself equally as important, however, as Bobby’s ability to craft beautiful acoustic melodies that allow for his soulful, gritty voice and impactful lyrics to shine. Bobby released his eponymously titled debut album in August of 2018, with plans for a follow-up album to be expected by late 2020.

“Influenced primarily by the great Stevie Ray Vaughan, and obviously, his most noteworthy, modern-day predecessor, John Mayer, Bobby Donnelly blends blues, soul, rock, and an Eagles-style brand of Americana into a modern soundscape all his own that is sure to have fans moving to the music wherever he goes.”


- Vinny Corsaro, DO317

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